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March 21, 2010

Culutral Fewmets

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I have gone most of March without a single hit on this blog, so I thought it was time to define this blog.

Cultural Fewmets – Cultural implies that which binds, such as media, sports, literature, goverment, or the flag which represents our country. Fewmets is the animal droppings which hunters use to track their prey.  The crap which binds us or how that which binds us has become crap. Simple.


February 8, 2010


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Before the Superbowl the narrative being written by sports writers and anchors was that Peyton Manning was the greatest quarterback ever. Before the Superbowl New Orleans was a great story and America was rooting for them. Four quarters later and Peyton Manning is highly flawed as he is 500 in the playoffs at 9wins and 9 loses and no one is calling him the greatest ever. Next up was New Orleans. Suddenly, this was the forgotten city, ignored by us and treated shabby. (Of course the hundreds of millions of dollars pumped in New Orleans and LA in general is shabby treatment.) New Orleans is finding redemption from Katrina by winning the Superbowl. And Lord Brees walks on water. My head hurts.

Redemption should only come from a sporting event if you are a player who has f*cked up and you score the winning goal, touchdown, et al. New Orleans is not a forgotten city, but it is a fantastic and flawed city with more problems than a storm the size of katrina could wash away.  As for Peyton Manning – he’s a great quarterback, though I’d take Joe Montanna or Tom Brady in the playoffs over him.

January 25, 2010

An audience of none.

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So I checked my stats and saw that no one is reading me. Boo hoo. My feelings are hurt. So now I can be really honest.

I am news surfing at the moment and have two things to comment on: Shep Smith on Fox makes me want to drown puppies and Rick’s List on CNN is cloying, annoying, and boring.

A kid used his bike to raise $150,000 for the people in haiti. I can’t get my son to do the dishes.  Does that make me a bad parent?

It is cold in TN. Besides lack of state taxes and warm weather, there aren’t too many reasons to live in TN, unless you are a country music artist.  I can’t get a decent bagel here, or a real slice of pizza. I might as well raise lamb because I can’t find any in the supermarkets here.  Do you know what it is like to be a Catholic in TN? Think catacombs in Ancient Rome.

My son is homeschooled and supposed to be in the sixth grade, which means I am about at the end of my ability of teaching him math. Are you still homeschooled if you have a tutor in math, or are you just like landed gentry in the 17th and 18th century?

January 19, 2010

Following the fewmet of our culture.

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Let’s start by stating a few obvious things: 

1  Anyone who names their child after a character in Avatar is soft as puppy doo.  Of course, if you have named your child Spock or Han, your fontanelle probably has never hardened and is still soft, so wear a helmet.

2 Life is difficult even when it’s easy. (Or maybe I’m just more Catholic than I realized.)

3 My favorite founder is John Hancock – he had great penmanship.

4  Matt Damon is annoying.

5  Politicians should be forced to live in the worst neighborhood of Washington DC as a reminder of the consequences of their spending, laws, and policies; they should only be allowed to fly coach; the only place they should be able to have a business dinner is Wendy’s or Ruby Tuesdays; and they should not be allowed to speak in talking points or slogans. Oh, and an American politician cannot be compared to Hitler until he has either started a world war or sent millions to the gas chamber.

6 Che was a doctor who killed people. That can’t be right. (I wonder if Kervorkian is a fan of Che’s.)

7 Chavez is an idiot. He looks like a troll, sh*ts on democracy, and gives socialism a bad name.

8 Jon Stewart is funny. Unfortunately, he is also not as smart as he thinks he is. But then again – who is?

9 David Letterman hasn’t been funny in ten years.

10 The news media needs an enema.

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