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March 11, 2010


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Ever get the feeling that freedom is an illusion?

When was the last time David Letterman was funny?

Why can’t NBC cancel Saturday Night Live?

When was the last time Saturday Night Live funny?

What’s more frightening a tornado or a hurricane?


February 16, 2010

Some questions:

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Is Kevin Smith fat or are Southwest planes narrow?

According to Prsident Obama fat people are a drain on the economy because they strain the healthcare system, so I ask again: Is Kevin Smith fat? If he is, is he a strain on the healthcare system or can he afford to be a drain? Are only poor fat people a drain?

The Olympics – are they still relevant? How come some figure skaters can fall and still get high scores while others do error free routines and get low scores? Are judges biased?

Do the Olympics remind anyone else of the UN? Nice idea whose time is over because it just doesn’t work. I mean we have Arab countries that imprision homosexuals for a little slap and tickle in the UN who end up chairing committees about human rights.

Is it me but most global warming – oh, sorry climate change – arguments seem silly when I am freezing my ass off in Tennessee?

In the Middle Ages we had a mini- ice age, so I ask – where  were the Hummers and SUVs in the Middle Ages?

Should Climate Change be considered a religion, since just like God, you have to take it on Faith? Oh, bu the scientists say blah, blah, blah, and they keep contradicting themsleves and getting caught with bad data and so on and so worth. Just admit it: Green is now a religion and it is on the verge of its own Inquisition.

January 22, 2010


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Does anyone else think that SAG should have to register as a Political Action Committee?

Do you find Shep Smith of Fox smug or bombastic?

When Obama comes on to explain something or give a speech, do your eyes glaze over?

Fund raiser for Haiti tonigh (Tragic but I don’t need the cast of New Moon telling me to give money when I already have.) – how about instead of preempting every channel for two hours, each one of the stars who is committed to the fundraiser gives a million dollars?

Dog being saved in LA on TV…. Why?  Isn’t there something else that can be shown, like real news? LA is broke, so why is their fire department wasting money on a dog? Would they do this if it was an illegal alien?

Can someone shut Rex Ryan up?

On ESPN Mike Greenburg screwed up and made a muck up on Martin Luther King’s day saying something racial – how did he avoid a suspension?

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